About Gourmet Fudge Company

Gourmet Fudge Company makes the most delicious fudge on the Sunshine Coast. We have refined our recipe over many years, offering a decadent and rich tasting product for wholesale to customers across Australia. You could boost your revenue by stocking our amazing product in store! If you’re interested in making your own fudge, we offer a fudge making system that is easy and affordable to run.

The sweet aroma of freshly made fudge will have customers streaming through your door!

Our story starts back in 2003 with the opening of our very first fudge shop in the main street of Caloundra. The store was the first of two and was set up by three members of the family. Fast forward to 2013 we knew we wanted to improve on what we had to offer. After a lot of research we improved our fudge with the addition of couverture Belgian chocolate and Dutch cocoa. We also removed hydrogenated oils. The family knew that they had to offer this to the rest of Australia and started wholesaling their fudge and fudge making system. Today Gourmet Fudge Company focus completely on wholesale, offering all the retail experience they gained over the years to their customers – free of charge! We are not a franchise, we simply provide our product and advice.

From our own experience we know the best way to display and sell fudge for maximum sales. With Gourmet Fudge Company you get more that just a product. We make sure you have the best opportunity to stock a unique product, which will keep your customers returning for more whether it be a treat for themselves or a gourmet gift.

Our Fudge

Gourmet Fudge Company makes the very best fudge in Australia. We offer our decadent range of fudge flavours for wholesale across Australia. No matter where you are, we can ship your our fudge. All our fudge is made fresh to order meaning you are receiving the freshest possible fudge. It also has a 12 week shelf life meaning no waste. We use the finest ingredients such as couverture Belgian chocolate and Dutch cocoa. Your customers won’t be able to resist coming to try every flavour in your range. That is why offer over 50 varieties (plus seasonal flavours). You will always be able to offer your customers a new and exciting flavour.

Gourmet Fudge Company gift boxes
Our mouth-watering fudge is available Australia wide, contact us today!