Simple fudge making systems for Australian businesses

You could make amazing fudge the centre of your business with our simple fudge system! It’s easy to use, cheap to make, and incredibly popular with a wide range of customers. Available for delivery across Australia, we supply everything you need to make your fudge making endeavour a success.

We Supply Everything You Need

We supply everything you need to make decadent, gourmet fudge. You can purchase our full package, or just our fudge mix which can be made in any type of fudge kettle. All you need to add is butter, water and flavours and our gourmet fudge mix. We offer our continuous support based on many years of experience.

Gourmet Fudge Company packages

Flexible and Easy

With our fudge system, you can make over 14kg of fudge in 6 different flavours in less than one hour. We have four base flavours – plain, caramel, Belgian milk chocolate, and Belgian dark chocolate. From these base flavours, you can create hundreds more! All our fudge mixes are free from hydrogenated oils.

Wonderful For Business

Our fudge kettles are made by a company that has been making a wide range of confectionery making equipment since 1855. Their fudge kettle is unique in many ways and has added features that makes your fudge making experience the simplest it can be.

Gourmet Fudge Company delicious fudge
To make incredible fudge, choose our fudge system! Find out more.